New Music for April 2021!!

Its never ceases to amaze me that there is so many amazing musicians in this big wide world of ours that are constantly making songs that we bloody love. Here’s just a taster of our favourite listens over the past month:

Betty – Sneak – In before a million!! Seriously though from what I can see only 180 of us have listened to this & to be honest I think I was at least 20 of those. This song is a big vibe, get on it… before and beyond a million listens!

For Those I Love – Birthday / The Pain – The Avalanches with a thick Irish accent. You might have seen this album doing the rounds, the whole things is great (so go listen) but this is my pick of the bunch.

Vegyn, Jeshi – I See You Sometimes – This songs just builds & builds & builds till i’m walking down the street absolutely raving by the end of it!

WIGZ – WWWWWHY – Brisbane can disco!!

KIAN – Sunbeam ~ Harvey Sutherland Remix – Summer is meant to be over but this song will be extending it all the way through winter & into next year!

Behind You – Burning – Head-bang central! For fans of DeathGrips. Go back and watch all their videos, its well worth it.

Green Screen – I Am Boring – Sydney supergroup (maybe im getting ahead of myself here) featuring our favourites The Buoys & Baby Beef!

Family Jordan – Big Grass (album) – Some beaut alt-country coming out of Byron. More alt-country less Influencers!!

Billy Davis – Paranoid (feat Jordan Dennis) – Awesome track, could easily compete international with any R&B/hip Hop track out currently. This is the classic Billy Davis i fell in love with when I listened to his first single “No Longer Lovers”.

Juno Disco – Dreamin’ – Underworld but make it Australian!

FEET – Peace & Quiet – Quiet you lot!! FEET you can keep making these beaut indie/rock tunes!

Mundo Primitivo – Paisaje Interior (Album) – Like a bat out of Hell! Local punk’s that sing in Spanish. Get around it!

Enjoy the tracks. If you want to stay up to date with our listening habits live, follow our Spotify playlist here!