New Music Feb

Some new music to get around your earhol’s

Featured up top in the photo is new group F-Pos, made up to Taras (The LuLu Raes) and our dear friend Paddy Cornwall (The Glue between the ‘Sticky Fingers’ and ex Annandale Hotel Wiz kid). They just release their debut, and very aptly titled single, “Classic” which is a killer tune ft Gold Fang & Moody Beach. Will keep this short, as we ain’t music reviewers, but this has some juicy Gorillaz vibes and we’re very excited to hear more in the coming months!!

In line with the above, here are some other short and sweet song/album suggestions!!

Cool Sounds – ‘Bystander’ Album – Indie, Country, Funky? The whole thing is good! Run it up. Really wish Covid didn’t fuck over last year’s Bad Friday and we got to see them there!

Zeahorse – ‘Lets Not (And Say We Did)’ Album – Holy Shit, Zeahorse 3rd Album out of nowhere, like RVD off the top rope with the frogsplash. Slam it down like a Choccy Milk!!

Carla Genve – ‘Dog Eared’ – This Belts! I played it 3 times the first time I heard it. Bit of Magic Dirt in this one (the band, not the dirt over in WA…Although!)

Romero – ‘TroubleMaker’ – Came out last year but love it. Big Sheer Mag and Royal Headache energy. They are 3 from 3 on song’s released so far – Def’s ones to watch this year!

Viagra Boys – ‘Welfare Jazz’ Album – Dirty Country Punk with Sax. Mmmm what a peculiar group of words that i could never have imagined i would enjoy! Fav songs: Toad, Secret Canine Agent & the one with Amy Taylor (she da best!) – Their show at OAF in 2019 was L I T !

Slowthai – ‘Tyrone’ Album – A Stellar (Artois) album from back to front!! ?

I could go on with this for days, so i’m going to stop. If you are desperate email me and i’ll do some more.

You can check most of these track on our spoti playlist:

Also a couple of the fellas have a radio show on a great new online radio station called Orbital Radio – They are on Wednesdays from 5pm – 7pm, playing the smooth stuff. Tune in!