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Mountain Sounds

Mountain Sounds Festival is many things.

It is first and foremost, an experience. Parties are transient. We’re all about creating something that transcends memorability and becomes ritualistic. Music, art and culture are what make this boutique festival what it is, and we strive each year to bring some of the best local and national talent to the stage and the canvas.

By making sustainability integral to the festival’s continuation, Mountain Sounds Festival always has community and impact on its mind. The Central Coast will forever be our home, which is why we love working with and to promote the local community and businesses.

Settling neatly into its home at Mount Penang Parklands again for our fifth year, we’re excited to have such an environmentally diverse and incredibly visual space at our fingertips.

Beginning in 2014, selling out three years in a row with the 2017 edition selling out in record time (with record numbers), 2018  is looking to be the biggest and brightest year for us yet. We’ve got some hefty tricks up our sleeve for this year’s festival, so come with us atop the mountain for another year of antics and experiences.

We still firmly believe that the experience is the most important part of a music festival and for those who have attended the festival, you’ll know what we’re talking about..

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1 Kangoo Road. Somersby. NSW