A Chat with Local Indie Pop Star Moody Beach

Melissah Mirage aka Moody Beach has more collabs than a Beyonce album. You’ll find her popping up in the latest F-Pos track, behind a forthcoming comic book, all over Poolroom’s EP and of course her own releases. Naturally her name popped up as we started pulling on the thread of Sydney’s ever connected music scene. We had chat to her about her forthcoming EP, working with Kim Moyes (The Presets) and collaborating with artists other than musicians.

You’ve got a new EP out soon. Tell us a bit about that. How was working with Kim Moyes?

I wrote the songs in lockdown, using my lunch breaks to record demos in between working 9-5. Key themes explored in the writing include sexism, misogyny, and corporate hegemony. These are all powerful forces that I wanted my EP to stand up to, so it was important I worked with a producer whose energy would drive the tracks. I’m a big fan of Kim’s work with DMA’s, Jack Ladder, and of course, The Presets, so I took a chance and reached out to him. We’re the only two instrumentalists on the EP; I perform bass, guitar, and vocals, and Kim plays drums and synths.

You want to work with a producer who has faith in you. I initially suggested session musicians play what I’d written, but Kim pushed me out of my comfort zone and insisted I perform. I’m glad I did. We had a lot of fun and the energy I had my heart set on is certainly there. Now I get to recreate that live.

Moody by @simoncecere

You’re pretty entrenched in the Sydney indie pop scene. Not only are you Moody Beach, but you also play in The Melodrones and have collabed with F-Pos & Poolroom. In addition to this you’ve jumped to the industry side and have started managing the smooth Ona Mota. Have we missed anything? Give us a run down of everything you’re musical involved in just incase!

That’s almost it! I’ve also co-written a comic that acknowledges how the Sydney live music scene has provided me with a platform to perform in a way that challenges prejudice. That will be released later this year.

Cale is another artist I work with frequently who is also in the Moody live show. I have a few more collaborations in the pipeline, but I’m sworn to secrecy…

It’s nice to see all this health collaboration between musicians & artist in the Sydney Scene. We chatted to to Evening Records last week and its a similar situation in the inner-west Alt-country scene. What would you credit all this collaboration and intertwining down to?

Fun, passion, love of art and each other. When I moved to Sydney from Adelaide a few years back, I formed many friendships by going to shows. Now, the majority of people I’d deem as family here are the people I play with. We have a shared goal, and that’s to keep the arts alive. I’d be lost without self-expression and feel so fortunate to be able to connect with others through music, which is why I am always keen to collaborate.

Moody to the left playing in The Melodrones @ The Vanguard by Tom Wilkinson

The video for your latest track ‘Chance’ has just dropped with some mesmerising visuals. The track features a drum sample from Total Control’s ‘Flesh War’. What other Australian/local bands have inspired you of late?

I’ll give myself a cap, as the list goes on. Top three right now would be SpookyLand, Amyl and the Sniffers, Lost Animal.

We are big fans of a Moody Beach live show. You’re playing this Saturday at The Vanguard. What can we expect? Who are you bringing along to support?

That’s a surprise. You’ll have to be there to see.

A Playlist of Moody’s many projects + a couple songs from her favourite acts right now!!

Tickets for Moody Beach at The Vanguard this Saturday night here!